Meaning of mucking

meaning of mucking

dirt, rubbish, or waste matter Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. Verb, 1. muck around - do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly; "The old lady is usually mucking about in her little house". monkey around. muck in meaning, definition, what is muck in: to share the work that needs to be done. Learn more.

Meaning of mucking Video

How to Pronounce Mucking meaning of mucking To soil with mud. His attorney indicated that Flynn would testify in exchange for immunity back in March — a ploy that seemed designed to muck up any external criminal investigation of Flynn. Discover our greatest slideshows The Lyrical Story of Punk Roc. FOLLOW US facebook twitter youtube instagram. The etymology of Game Of Thrones. The world has 14 climatic zones The world has 14 climactic zones. See muck defined for English-language learners See muck defined for kids. Write what you mean clearly and correctly. Phrases Related to MUCK. Switch to new thesaurus. Word of the Day. Logged-in users can add themselves to the map. Or, Why Pig Meat is Called 'Pork' and Cow Meat is Called 'Beef'. Top tips for better writing Some advice to nail your writing assignments. Vote how vulgar the word is — not how mean it is. Continue Find out more. Definition of muck in from the Collins English Dictionary. Especially when you're in deep sticky mud up to your waist. English Dictionary Thesaurus Translator Scrabble Blog. The drillers did most of the mucking bird hunting of the heading before setting up the drills. Archaic words Archaic words have a charm that never fades away, from French sounding to wondrously mysterious ones. Check your grammar now! Across the way, a year-old mucks out a stall, taking on all the necessaries in caring for her calf. Yes, you've taken to mucking your work—doing it in a most slovenly way. African informalgrot slang This congealed muck was interfering with the filter.

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